Sunday, May 13, 2007


Friday afternoon one of my direct reports and I were in a meeting. We came out of the meeting and she said to me, "ummm I don't feel well... I kinda can't get a deep breath" and then she laughed.... I suggested, as she looked pretty good, that she go sit down, have a glass of water and see if that helped.

A few minutes later she was at my office door and she was ghostly white. Cath was with her -- asking whether or not she could drive her to the emergency room.

I reached over to the phone and dialed for the operator and asked them to call for emergency help. First responders -- first aid trained employees -- were on site in a heartbeat and we made our way down stairs to await assistance. The ambulance came shortly after the police arrived and my employee was whisked into the ambulance. They checked her out thoroughly before slowly pulling out of the drive and heading for the hospital.

Everything went as planned -- smooth as clockwork from the moment i called the main desk. Why didn't I take her seriously at first? Why was I not engaged with this woman? Hmmmmm


At 12:37 PM, Blogger Meg in Nelson said...

Because she laughed? Because she looked normal to you? Instead of beating yourself up, I congratulate you on calling 9-1-1 right away the second time, rather than to let the other person drive. So there! You did the right thing, Liz.

And say, no more lovely pic of yours??? Did you have a problem with your profile, because I couldn't open it for a long time.


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